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Alibaba Launches Advanced AI Model Tongyi Qianwen 2.0, Expands Rivalry with Amazon and Microsoft

On Tuesday, Alibaba unveiled its most advanced artificial intelligence model yet, stepping up to compete with leading U.S. technology firms including Amazon and Microsoft.

The Chinese e-commerce and cloud computing behemoth announced the release of Tongyi Qianwen 2.0, its new sophisticated large language model (LLM). LLMs, trained on extensive data sets, are the technological foundation for generative AI tools like ChatGPT, developed by American company OpenAI.

Described as a significant improvement over its April-released predecessor, Alibaba highlighted Tongyi Qianwen 2.0's enhanced abilities in complex instruction comprehension, copywriting, reasoning, memory retention, and reduction of AI "hallucinations," a term for AI-generated incorrect information.

Expanding its AI suite, Alibaba introduced specialized AI models tailored for sectors like legal advisory and finance, targeting specific industry needs.

Further cementing its position in the AI arena, the Hangzhou-based giant also launched the GenAI Service Platform. This service allows businesses to create bespoke generative AI applications using their proprietary data. This addresses a common concern among companies regarding the potential third-party access to data in public generative AI products like ChatGPT.

As part of their service offerings, Alibaba and other major cloud companies are providing tools enabling businesses to develop their private generative AI applications, with an assurance of data protection.

This move places Alibaba in direct competition with similar services from Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Studio and Amazon Web Services' Bedrock.

Although Alibaba leads in cloud services market share within China, the company is striving to expand its influence and compete with global giants like Amazon and Microsoft in the international market.


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