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Meta Introduces New AI Tools for Enhanced User Experience and Content Control on Facebook, Instagram

Meta, Facebook's parent company, unveiled on Thursday a suite of new tools and resources to enhance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on its social networks.

In a press statement, Meta introduced twenty-four system cards centered on various features for both Facebook and Instagram. This tool shares insights on the way its AI systems rank and select content of the most relevance for its users.

Meta's updated AI algorithms can pinpoint damaging content, thus enabling the reduction of problematic or low-quality content that falls short of certain standards, the company detailed.

"Through these tools, users can tailor their experiences on our apps to see more of the content they prefer and less of what they don't," said Nick Clegg, Meta’s global affairs president, in the press statement. "To facilitate this, we have set up centralized locations on Facebook and Instagram, where controls influencing the content visible on each app can be personalized."

Users can access their Feed Preferences on Facebook and the Suggested Content Control Center on Instagram by tapping the three-dot menu on relevant posts, or through Settings, he further noted.

Users will now have the power to personalize their own feed, including adding accounts to a "favorites list," allowing them to view content from their chosen accounts.

AI has seen significant growth in the past year, with many sectors leveraging it to enhance their processes or provide supplementary support.

Notably, the ChatGPT framework by OpenAI, one of the leading AI platforms, debuted in November. This chatbot is capable of producing advanced human-like responses to user queries compared to prior technology.

Several other companies have also either launched or are set to announce their AI-driven services this year. Earlier, Microsoft revealed that its new Teams Premium messaging service would incorporate ChatGPT’s messaging service.

However, the rising utilization of AI has also sparked concerns among policymakers in Washington.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) expressed last week that lawmakers will need to start from the ground up to devise a regulatory framework for AI use in the country. Planning to introduce the framework into his SAFE Innovation Act, Schumer emphasized that he and his colleagues have to prepare for the forthcoming shifts brought about by the new technology.


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