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Attorneys General from All 50 States Urge Congress to Address AI's Role in Child Exploitation

All 50 states' attorneys general are urging Congress to investigate the potential misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) in child exploitation, particularly through pornography. They have highlighted the pressing need to address this issue, emphasizing in a recent letter to Congressional leaders that the threats from AI are already manifesting.

The letter, sent by the top legal officials, appealed to legislators to form a dedicated commission to delve deep into AI's capacities to specifically harm children. They spotlighted the concerning use of AI to generate child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and deepfakes that victimize children.

The attorneys general stated, "Within our jurisdictions, we hold a profound responsibility for the safety and well-being of our children. Moreover, it's our duty to prosecute those who jeopardize our children's safety."

While they acknowledged that online crimes targeting children are being addressed, they expressed growing apprehension that AI is paving the way for more sophisticated abuses, complicating prosecution efforts. They emphasized the necessity for Congress to refine and expand existing limitations on CSAM to ensure that AI-created CSAM is unmistakably prohibited.

The initiative, driven by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and joined by his counterparts from Mississippi, North Carolina, and Oregon, successfully gathered support from every state and four territories. Wilson underscored the paramount importance of safeguarding children from such threats. “While I serve as the primary prosecutor of my state, I'm foremost a father. My prime commitment is to shield children from harm,” stated Wilson.

He further commented on AI's dual-edged nature, noting, "While AI can offer immense benefits, it also paves the way for potential harm. As AI technology proliferates, our duty is to ensure the safety of our children. When Congress reconvenes, we hope our plea is a priority on their agenda."


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