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Cascadeo Achieves Recognition in the 2023 Gartner Midmarket Magic Quadrant

Leading cloud IT transformation provider, Cascadeo, announced its third consecutive inclusion in the esteemed 2023 Gartner Midmarket Context: Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services. This latest recognition further cements Cascadeo’s position as a trusted authority in the realm of public cloud transformation.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant tool visually depicts the trajectory and maturity of technology providers in a given market. The fundamental objective of this tool is to enable stakeholders — from tech enthusiasts to industry leaders — to discern the proficiency of these providers in actualizing their vision, especially in relation to Gartner’s overarching market view.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve with a heightened focus on MSEs (Midsize Enterprises), the onus now rests on I&O (Infrastructure & Operations) leaders to be increasingly discerning in their selection of service providers. This is crucial to ensure a harmonious alignment with their unique demands and aspirations.

Cascadeo's CTO, Jared Reimer, expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment, attributing it to Cascadeo's exceptional team and their consistent track record of delivering superior customer outcomes. "We believe Cascadeo is recognized by Gartner because of our exceptional team and customer outcomes," Reimer remarked.

He further elaborated, "We have always taken a cloud-first, transformation-oriented approach because we firmly believe this yields the best customer outcomes. Cascadeo focuses on true cloud platform adoption and saves clients time and money by creating custom cloud journeys designed around their business goals. We strive to be the experts in public cloud IT transformation services."

Cascadeo stands out in the industry, being recognized as an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner. Their extensive range of services includes cloud managed services, professional services, and a unique cloud management solution powered by their proprietary Cascadeo AI platform.

Their commitment to excellence is further evident in their impressive list of certifications. Cascadeo boasts of holding more than 100 AWS certifications, being a proud Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, and also holds a notable certification on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Delving deeper into the broader industry trends, Gartner's projections signal a robust growth trajectory for the IT services sector. Driven largely by the infrastructure-as-a-service market, there's an anticipated growth of over 30% this year alone.

Given Cascadeo’s niche specialization in cloud transformation, the firm is strategically poised to usher businesses into the future — optimizing their investments as they pivot towards cloud-native technologies, which promises not only enhanced agility but also scalable growth.

Founded with a vision to spearhead customer-centric innovation, Cascadeo provides a blend of Managed Services, Professional Services, AWS resale, and groundbreaking SaaS initiatives. The firm's multifaceted expertise covers the entire spectrum of public cloud endeavors, from formulating cloud blueprints to the intricate nuances of execution and subsequent management of cloud deployments.

With headquarters in Manila, Philippines, and Seattle, Washington, Cascadeo operates as a subsidiary of the Yondu Group. Cascadeo's team of certified engineers offers a range of services, including Cloud AI/ML integrations, streaming data protocols, and advanced monitoring and management services. These services are aimed at offering predictive analytics, maintaining infrastructure, and addressing operational challenges.

Cascadeo’s technical strengths lie in DevOps and Kubernetes, and the firm has experience in automation, configuration management, and continuous deployment technologies.


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