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Congressman Ro Khanna Advocates for Worker Empowerment in AI Era, Calls for Inclusive Federal Policies

In a recent opinion piece for The New York Times, Congressman Ro Khanna from California emphasized the need for policies that empower workers in the era of advancing artificial intelligence (AI).

Representing a district in the heart of Silicon Valley, Khanna acknowledged the potential benefits of AI to the economy but stressed the importance of prioritizing the welfare and economic stability of the working class amidst these technological shifts.

Khanna argued that the Democratic Party must protect the interests of the working class against possible negative impacts of AI on their earnings and job security.

He advocated for policies ensuring workers not only have a say in AI-related decisions but also benefit financially from company profits, similar to chief executives. This approach, he suggested, is crucial for workers to prosper as AI boosts America's productivity.

The Congressman also called for mandatory worker participation in corporate decisions regarding AI's impact on jobs, through federal policies. The broader concern about AI potentially displacing workers has become a significant topic in discussions about AI regulation.

While Congress has not yet enacted specific AI regulations, some progress has been made within certain industries. For instance, the Writers Guild of America gained AI safeguards for its members in contract negotiations with Hollywood studios in October, allowing them control over AI usage.

Similarly, SAG-AFTRA secured AI protections in their November contract with studios. These developments highlight the growing awareness and actions being taken to address the impact of AI on the workforce.


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