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Eckuity Capital Announces $150 Million Fund Closure and Welcomes Dr. Victoria Manax Rutson as New Partner

In a significant move to bolster its leadership and investment prowess, Eckuity Capital, a prominent growth and venture capital investor based in New York and London, announced the appointment of Dr. Victoria Manax Rutson as a new Partner. This strategic appointment coincides with the firm's recent closure of a $150 million fund, dedicated to advancing life science, healthcare, and technology sectors.

Dr. Manax, a renowned clinical oncologist with more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, brings a wealth of expertise in global drug and device development, nanomedicines, and the commercial launch of groundbreaking medical solutions. Her innovative approach to clinical trial designs has been instrumental in the development and approval of major products, notably transforming the treatment landscape for pancreatic cancer.

Having held multiple leadership roles at influential companies like Abraxis Bioscience, Celgene (BMS), MedSurge PI, and Duo Oncology, Dr. Manax's extensive background is a testament to her profound impact on medical science and patient care. Her tenure as the inaugural Chief Medical Officer for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network further highlights her commitment to advancing healthcare outcomes.

Dr. Manax expressed her enthusiasm for joining Eckuity Capital, citing the firm's access to exceptional investment opportunities and its strategic investment approach as key factors in her decision. "Eckuity Capital provides me the opportunity to bring together the things I love doing most," she stated, signaling a harmonious blend of her medical and investment expertise.

Youssef Sebban, Managing Partner of Eckuity Capital, emphasized the strategic value Dr. Manax adds to the firm, particularly in the realm of clinical trial design—a crucial element of therapeutic success and value creation in early-stage companies. "We are delighted to welcome Victoria to the team," Sebban remarked, underscoring the anticipated positive impact of her contributions on the firm's investments.

Eckuity Capital, with offices in New York, London, and Paris, continues to solidify its position as a leading investor in life science, healthcare, and technology. By marrying scientific, medical, and business acumen, the firm actively partners with entrepreneurs to foster innovation, accelerate success, and enhance the human condition through impactful healthcare solutions.


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