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Executive Q&A: Mike Volkin, CMO of Emerald Chat, on Connecting the World

Mike Volkin is an innovative leader in the online communication space, leveraging his extensive background in marketing and technology to revolutionize the way people connect.

As the Chief Marketing Officer of Emerald Chat, Mike has played a pivotal role in transforming the platform into a vibrant community where individuals can meet and chat based on shared interests. His journey to Emerald Chat is marked by a commitment to enhancing user experience and fostering meaningful connections in an increasingly digital world.

Mike's career began with a passion for technology and communication, leading him to various roles where he honed his skills in marketing and product development. With a keen eye for emerging trends and a deep understanding of user behavior, Mike has been instrumental in driving Emerald Chat's mission to create a space free from ads, bots, and gimmicks. His approach combines a rigorous focus on user safety and quality, ensuring that the platform remains a trusted and engaging environment for its users.

Under Mike's leadership, Emerald Chat has distinguished itself from other video communication and chat platforms through its unique features, convenience, and growing community. The platform's emphasis on undivided attention and fostering lasting, relevant connections reflects Mike's belief in the power of genuine human interaction. His dedication to innovation and teamwork has been crucial in overcoming challenges and continually improving the platform's offerings.

In an exclusive Q&A, Mike Volkin shares insights into the creation and vision of Emerald Chat, the challenges faced and overcome during its development, and the future plans for the platform. He discusses the state-of-the-art matching algorithm that connects users based on their interests, the extensive measures in place to ensure user privacy and data security, and the core values guiding his leadership. Mike also explores the evolving landscape of online communication and how Emerald Chat is positioned to play a significant role in this dynamic environment.

Q: What inspired the creation of Emerald?

The company was actually created by a previous owner and acquired in 2022. The inspiration for Emerald came from a combination of skills/experience in the space and opportunity for a vast improvement project.

Q: Can you explain the core mission and vision of Emerald?

To connect people to others giving undivided attention spurring new ideas and fostering lasting relevant connections.

Q: How does Emerald differentiate itself from other video communication and chat platforms?

Emerald is a fresh take which includes new features, convenience, and wide growing community of friends. It's independent and without ads, bots, or gimmicks.

Q: What challenges did you face while developing Emerald, and how did you overcome them?

Emerald’s success today is the result of a lot of hard work, teamwork, and dedication to our goals and mission.

Q: How does Emerald ensure the quality and safety of its platform, especially considering issues like bots and poor device connections on other platforms?

Extensive investments in safety and convenience tools. Bots are blocked, and mobile apps are available to optimize driver experience. (To note, Android is avilable now and iOS available very soon.)

Q: What key features does Emerald offer to enhance user interaction and engagement?

Emerald continually adds new features to improve the user experience. Many people really enjoy the instant connections they get when using the app.

Q: How does the matching algorithm work to connect people based on their interests?

It’s a state of the art matching system which helps people match to meet other people looking for the same interests. It could be sports, news, looking for new friends, relationships, even share interests like movies or music.

Q: Can you share any success stories or feedback from users who have found meaningful connections through Emerald?

Yes, we get happy emails from people who meet on Emerald chat. Some people get married, develop lifelong friendships, and others enjoy the connections they make and tell us about it.

Q: What measures are in place to ensure user privacy and data security on Emerald?

We follow GDPR, as well as exercise strict data handling policies to ensure compliance. We secure communications with SSL, and provide ways to for people to manage the data about their account.

Q: What values and principles guide your leadership at Emerald?

Kaizen, happy accidents, and adventure. Everyone is valuable and treated fairly.

Q: How do you foster innovation and creativity within your team?

Freedom of choice and no hardships for trying something new. Learning is key.

Q: What are your future plans for Emerald? Any upcoming features or expansions?

Very deep roadmap and many updates coming soon. Great enhancements to the site include new mobile apps, feature enhancements with a new UI, and many add-on features to help people enjoy Emerald even more.

Q: How do you see the landscape of online communication evolving in the next few years, and where do you see Emerald fitting into that future?

Nobody should predict exactly what will happen, however, Emerald will fulfill a very important role in how people communicate and meet in the future.

Q: What trends in the tech and communication industry are you most excited about?

We're most excited about the “next big thing” - and don’t know what that is yet. The popular trends of today have already jumped the shark.

Q: How does Emerald plan to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape?

Emerald is looking and what’s next instead of what is trendy right now. We listen to the people who use our product and keep a finger on the pulse.

Q: How does Emerald contribute to building a global community?

Every day, one person at a time, we aim to delight.

Q: What role do user feedback and community input play in the development of Emerald?


Q: How do you measure the impact and success of Emerald in achieving its mission?

Emerald is driven by the people who use it. Their feedback is what determines if we are on track in achieving our mission.


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