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Google invests $12M to strengthen NYC’s cybersecurity leadership

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Google recently disclosed the Google Cyber NYC Institutional Research Program, a $12 million initiative aimed at boosting cybersecurity leadership in New York City. The money will fund state-of-the-art research and enhance educational opportunities for students pursuing advanced cybersecurity degrees at four of the city's top universities.

Each of the four universities, which include The City University of New York, Columbia University, Cornell University (including Cornell Tech and the Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science), and New York University, will receive annual funding of $1 million through 2025. The funds will support roughly 90 joint research projects by 2025, with the aim of fostering a safer digital environment and sparking innovation. The funds will also bolster the universities' cybersecurity programs, strengthen the forthcoming workforce, and support diversity in the field.

Additionally, the funds will be used to bridge the diversity gaps in the cybersecurity industry by recruiting and developing talent from underrepresented communities.

University deans joined a roundtable discussion with Phil Venables, Google Cloud's Chief Information Security Officer, on Monday, to address New York's unique role as a global financial hub and its deep need for advanced cybersecurity resources.

The Google Cyber NYC Institutional Research Program, according to Venables, will enhance New York's position as a cybersecurity research leader, in conjunction with leading city institutions like New York City Cyber Command. This program is part of Google's $10 billion cybersecurity initiative announced in 2021.

Andrew Kimball, NYCEDC President & CEO, underlined the importance of investing in resources for cyber threat protection and commended Google for tapping into the city's academic resources to foster career growth and promote advanced research. Deans from the participating universities also expressed gratitude for Google's support and the exciting prospects that the collaboration presents.

In addition to the Research Program, Google recently introduced the Google Cybersecurity Certificate to its Google Career Certificates suite. Designed by Google’s cybersecurity experts, the certification aims to prepare learners for entry-level cybersecurity jobs in under six months with no prior experience required, thereby assisting businesses in filling critical roles such as cybersecurity analyst and information security analyst.


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