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GrowthLoop Teams Up with Google Cloud to Supercharge Customer Data Insights

In a bid to expedite customer data analytics, GrowthLoop unveiled its groundbreaking collaboration with Google Cloud today. This partnership brings forth the 'Easy Button' solution, an innovation designed to revolutionize the way marketing teams access and employ their customer data.

Previously, setting up such platforms could take months. With the 'Easy Button', marketers can deploy and begin to navigate customer segments, design targeted marketing paths, and even tap into generative AI within mere hours. The initiative aims to channel customer data into Google's BigQuery swiftly, opening doors to a comprehensive data layer for teams.

Once onboarded onto GrowthLoop, users have the freedom to select and link their preferred marketing sources to BigQuery, simplifying the ingestion of vital data such as contacts, leads, and activities.

The challenge for many marketing teams has traditionally been in harnessing data efficiently. The technical prowess required to access data clouds has often eluded non-tech marketers, limiting the reach and potency of predictive models and AI in their campaigns. However, with the marriage of GrowthLoop's capabilities and Google Cloud's suite—comprising BigQuery, Cortex Framework, Vertex AI, and Looker—the divide between tools, data, and marketers is set to diminish.

GrowthLoop's 'Easy Button' promises to:

  1. Streamline Data Ingestion: Seamlessly connect marketing data sources, including web data, Google Ads, Salesforce, etc., via its integration.

  2. Accelerate Data Modeling: Harness Google Cloud Cortex Framework for rapid data modeling from essential sources like SAP and Salesforce.

  3. Enhance Segmentation: Create audience profiles using a user-friendly interface or via natural language commands, integrated directly with BigQuery.

  4. Boost Activation: Synchronize customer segments across varied marketing tools, and design holistic customer experiences.

  5. Optimize Measurement: Employ Looker's data visualization for in-depth campaign analysis.

GrowthLoop's co-founder, Chris Sell, commented, "The 'Easy Button' is our response to the burgeoning demand for smarter, data-driven marketing. We envision marketers fully equipped to harness the data cloud and Generative AI, transitioning from months to mere hours for setup."

Gerrit Kazmaier of Google Cloud emphasized their commitment to data-driven insights, expressing enthusiasm for partnerships like GrowthLoop that empower users with intelligent data solutions.


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