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House Judiciary Committee Intensifies Probe Into Disinformation Efforts of Biden Administration

The House Judiciary Committee has ramped up its investigation into the Biden administration's methods to tackle disinformation. The committee has dispatched subpoenas to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) emphasized the need to understand the perceived collusion and coercion between the executive branch and companies. “Before contemplating new laws that may restrict the Executive Branch's partnership with social media companies in limiting content or banning users, we first need a clear understanding of their collaboration,” Jordan stated in the letters.

However, the Justice Department swiftly countered the core of the committee's inquiries. “Neither the Department nor the FBI censors social media content. Decisions about platform and user protection rest solely with private firms. We continue to cooperate with the committee to cater to their information needs,” the Justice Department commented.

The origins of this probe lie in a lawsuit spearheaded by the states of Missouri and Louisiana, which questions the government's collaboration with tech giants concerning disinformation. The Justice Department asserts that this initiative concluded over a year ago without infringing upon free speech rights. The companies alone made decisions about flagging potentially harmful misinformation.

In a recent update, a Louisiana judge prohibited government talks with social media platforms aimed at any form of content removal encompassing protected free speech. This decision, however, faced a swift challenge by the Department of Justice in a superior court.

This case has gained significant traction among conservatives, especially within the Judiciary Committee, which often criticizes the department for perceived biases against conservative perspectives.

The latest subpoena echoes an earlier request in April, demanding all communications with social media entities during Biden's tenure. The committee is also inquiring about emails related to “misinformation,” “disinformation,” and “malinformation,” as well as details of staff overseeing FBI and DOJ policies on this topic.


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