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Ideawake Unveils Advanced Idea Management System, Boosting Innovation for Top US Firms

Ideawake, a leading provider of software solutions, is revolutionizing the way companies handle their idea management by driving significant results for corporate giants like HP and SiriusXM. The company's state-of-the-art software is designed to generate, evaluate, and implement the cream of the crop, the top 5% of ideas that deliver 95% of new business results.

The software's robust features allow companies to invite employees, customers, or suppliers to collaborate and address their most challenging problems. It provides a platform to collect targeted ideas through submission forms that can be embedded directly into a company's intranet or website. Using time-based challenges, it encourages the generation of solutions tailored to specific organizational goals.

In a move to incentivize participation, the software incorporates gamification, where users earn points for participating, and decision-makers can reward top-performing participants with prizes.

Ideawake CEO Coby Skonord. Source: Ideawake.

“I firmly believe that the power of innovation lies within the collective intelligence of a workforce,” said Ideawake’s CEO Coby Skonord in a recent interview with TechEchelon. “At Ideawake, we aim to harness this potential by providing a platform that encourages collaboration, facilitates growth, and recognizes innovative contributions. We're not just providing a software solution, we're building the launchpad for the next big business idea.”

A standout feature is the software's capacity for duplicate idea detection, which automatically flags similar suggestions during the posting process. This ensures a streamlined, collaborative experience free of repetitive input. It also includes a customizable submission form that caters to the specific requirements of new ideas, solutions, or projects.

Collaboration is also a key component of Ideawake's platform since it allows participants to comment on ideas, rank entries using voting systems, and work together in real-time. The system supports real-time chat for efficient brainstorming, crowd voting to surface valuable ideas, and a notification system to keep relevant users updated about activities pertinent to them.

For evaluation, the software enables the assignment of decision makers who can rank solutions based on custom criteria, producing a consolidated score. It includes a tool to create custom scorecards tailored to organizational goals and processes. There is also the ability to assign review groups to assess ideas using the scorecarding criteria. The software's ability to compare ideas based on value, cost, and time to implement is set to make resource allocation decisions significantly easier.

Ideawake's solution allows for the assignment of owners to the best ideas, turning concepts into action and rewarding winning entries with cash or non-monetary prizes. The software offers custom workflows, stages, and integrates seamlessly with project management systems like JIRA and Asana. It also boasts a customizable prize system to incentivize participation in challenges.

The platform also provides robust measurement tools for tracking and implementing ideas while measuring the metrics that matter. This includes ROI and outcome analytics, engagement metrics, and a custom report builder for creating visual representations of critical program metrics.

For Skonord, Ideawake is founded in three philosophical pillars to ignite workforce innovation and engagement:

First, foster a culture of collaboration that encourages open communication and collaboration among team members; second, provide opportunities for growth and development; and third third recognize and reward innovation by celebrating innovative ideas and contributions from your employees.

As more businesses seek to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, solutions like Ideawake's Idea Management system are set to become essential tools in the corporate toolbox. With its diverse range of features, Ideawake is set to revolutionize the way businesses generate, manage, and implement ideas, propelling companies to new heights in the competitive business world.


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