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Microsoft CEO Discusses the Need for Governance Changes at OpenAI

In a recent interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussed the need for governance changes at OpenAI, following the unexpected removal of CEO Sam Altman. Nadella emphasized the importance of dialogues with OpenAI's board to address these changes. Despite Altman's departure, Nadella reassured that Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI remains strong, with ongoing critical AI research.

Nadella also mentioned the possibility of Sam Altman, Greg Brockman (former OpenAI chairman), and their team joining Microsoft in a new AI research group. This development followed the appointment of ex-Twitch CEO Emmett Shear as OpenAI's interim head. However, uncertainty lingered about Altman and Brockman's move to Microsoft.

In response to the leadership changes, numerous OpenAI employees have demanded board resignations, threatening to leave for Microsoft. Nadella stated that it's up to OpenAI staff to decide whether to stay or join Microsoft, assuring that Microsoft can continue to innovate independently.

The reinstatement of Altman at OpenAI seemed increasingly likely, especially after significant investors, including Microsoft, advocated reversing the board's decision. This investor group, surprised by the board's initial decision, did not hold board seats.

Altman expressed his affection for the OpenAI team in a post, which Brockman, having resigned after being removed as chairman, echoed with a supportive symbol. Other employees shared similar sentiments.

Nadella highlighted Microsoft's respect for OpenAI's non-profit origins and the shared commitment to developing AI safely. He stressed the importance of addressing both the benefits and potential unintended consequences of technology from the outset.


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