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US Labor Market Adds 209,000 Jobs in June: Stable Wage Growth and Potential Inflation Concerns

In June, the United States' labor market introduced an additional 209,000 jobs, leading to a slight decrease in the unemployment rate to 3.6%, according to Friday's government report.

Although the figure is slightly below the anticipated 225,000 jobs by economists, it indicates a slowdown from the revised figures of the previous month, which dropped by 33,000 to 306,000. Moreover, the April job additions were also found to be less than initially calculated, being adjusted downward by 77,000 to 217,000. Among sectors with the most significant job growth in the last month were government and health care.

The report also highlights the steady wage growth parallel to job gains.

The government reported that average hourly earnings, an indicator of wage growth, saw an increase of 0.4% in June, matching the rate in May, which underwent a slight upward revision.

Wages have increased by 4.4% compared to the same period last year.

The labor force participation rate, a crucial data point for economists and Federal Reserve officials, remained unchanged at 62.6% in June, providing insight into whether more Americans are entering the workforce.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has recognized a more balanced labor market, particularly as labor force participation and immigration rates increase—contributing to alleviate labor shortages. However, officials express concern over the potential of the high demand for workers leading to accelerated wage growth, which could consequently stoke inflation.


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