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X Introduces New Subscription Tiers Amidst Financial Challenges and Competitive Pressure

X, previously known as Twitter, is introducing two new user subscription levels, according to its owner, Elon Musk, who announced the news on Friday.

The first subscription model offers users a more affordable rate with full access to all features but does not reduce the number of ads. The second subscription, priced higher, promises an ad-free experience.

Earlier this week, X revealed an experiment in New Zealand and the Philippines where users are charged an annual fee of $1 to post and interact with other content. This initiative aims to combat spam and automated bot interference on the platform. Users who choose not to subscribe can still view posts, but they won't be able to engage. It remains uncertain whether this $1 yearly subscription aligns with the two new tiers Musk mentioned.

X currently offers an $8 monthly subscription named X Premium. Subscribers to this tier receive a blue checkmark on their profiles, signifying their verified status, along with additional features like the ability to edit posts.

After Musk acquired and rebranded Twitter as X in October 2022, the platform has undergone significant changes. These changes include reductions in trust and safety teams, the removal of blue checkmarks from non-subscribers, and the reintegration of previously banned accounts. The blue checkmark had traditionally helped users recognize genuine accounts of notable figures.

However, these modifications have caused concerns among advertisers. Musk reported in July that X's financial status was in the red, impacted by a nearly half decrease in ad revenue and a growing debt.

The introduction of new subscription tiers might be an attempt to stabilize X's financial health and diversify its revenue sources.

Nevertheless, X is grappling with competition from emerging platforms such as Meta's Threads and Bluesky.


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