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Buy Build Fund is Pioneering Growth and Innovation in the SME Sector

In the vibrant heart of Westport, Connecticut, a unique investment firm is redefining the landscape of the lower middle market with its innovative approach to fostering growth and entrepreneurship. Buy Build Fund, led by a trio of seasoned investors and operators, is on a mission to unlock the potential of small to medium-sized businesses through strategic investment and operational support.

Established with the vision to bridge the gap between untapped market opportunities and strategic growth, Buy Build Fund has quickly become a beacon for companies seeking to elevate their business to new heights. With a focus on sectors ranging from technology and media to consumer services, the firm leverages its extensive network of over 1,000 firms and individuals to partner with companies that exhibit strong growth potential, a solid market position, and a commitment to digital innovation.

The firm’s recent acquisition of Prints of Love, a key player in the custom printing industry known for its personalized wedding cards, baby announcements, and promotional materials, is a testament to Buy Build Fund's strategic vision. While the details of this acquisition are part of a broader narrative, it's the underlying strategy and philosophy of Buy Build Fund that merit a closer look.

At the helm of this investment giant are seasoned investors and operators who bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. Partners such as Cliff Sirlin, Kingchih Fan, and Andrew Breen embody the fund's ethos of active engagement with portfolio companies. Their approach is not merely financial but deeply operational, focusing on digital strategy, market positioning, and customer experience enhancement.

“At Buy Build Fund, we firmly believe that the heart of our strategy is not just about investing capital but about forging true partnerships with the businesses we engage with,” said Andrew Breen, Partner at Buy Build Fund. “Our mission from day one has been to unlock the vast potential within the lower middle market by offering not just financial support but comprehensive operational and strategic guidance. As we continue to navigate the intricacies of the market, our focus remains steadfast on identifying and nurturing companies that have the potential to redefine their industries. Through our unique approach, we aim to transform these businesses into market leaders, setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation.”

Buy Build Fund's investment portfolio spans various sectors, including technology, media, and consumer services, reflecting its adaptability and forward-thinking approach. The fund's philosophy is not just about financial growth but also about fostering entrepreneurship, sustainability, and community support—a vision shared by its latest acquisition, Prints of Love.

The partnership model advocated by Buy Build Fund is particularly noteworthy. By collaborating closely with the companies it invests in, the fund ensures that its portfolio companies are not just recipients of capital but active participants in a shared journey toward excellence. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in enabling companies like Prints of Love to scale new heights, expanding their product offerings and enhancing their market presence.

“Our partnership model at Buy Build Fund is built on the conviction that true value creation lies in collaboration and shared vision,” said Cliff Sirlin, Partner at Buy Build Fund. “Working closely with our portfolio companies allows us to go beyond the traditional investor role, engaging deeply in strategic planning, operational optimization, and market expansion efforts. This approach has been key to not only scaling their offerings but also significantly enhancing their market presence. We see our investments as partnerships, where success is measured by mutual growth and the achievement of shared goals. It's about rolling up our sleeves, working alongside the teams, and navigating the path to excellence together.”

The strategic entry into the custom printing industry, facilitated by the acquisition of Prints of Love, underscores Buy Build Fund's ability to identify niche markets ripe for growth. This move is not just about expanding a portfolio; it's about creating synergies that drive innovation, customer satisfaction, and market leadership.

As Buy Build Fund continues to build on its successes, it’s carving out a critical role that is shaping the future of SMEs in the lower middle market sector. With a keen eye for growth potential and a steadfast commitment to operational excellence, Buy Build Fund is not just investing in companies; it's investing in the future of business innovation.

“Our goal is to identify companies that not only show promise but also share our commitment to innovation and operational excellence,” said Kingchih Fan, Partner at Buy Build Fund. “By doing so, we're not merely investing in businesses; we're investing in the very future of business innovation itself. This is a responsibility we take seriously, and it drives us to seek out and support those enterprises that are poised to redefine their markets. As we continue to expand our portfolio, our focus remains on fostering a culture of growth and innovation, ensuring that our companies are not only leaders today but pioneers of tomorrow.”

For those looking to understand the dynamics of successful investment in the SME sector, Buy Build Fund offers a compelling blueprint. Its approach—rooted in partnership, innovation, and growth—sets a benchmark for what it means to build businesses in today's competitive landscape. As the fund embarks on its next phase of growth, its impact on target industries will be worth tracking.


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