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Ford Motor Co. Braces for Further Layoffs Amid Shift Toward Electric Vehicles

Ford Motor Co. is gearing up to implement another wave of job cuts in the near future, as disclosed by sources to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. The anticipated layoffs are poised to primarily impact salaried workers within the U.S.

The forthcoming job reductions are set to target staff in both the electric vehicle (EV) and software divisions, as well as those involved in Ford's gas-engine operations.

This fresh wave of layoffs follows a previous one in August of the previous year, which resulted in the termination of approximately 3,000 white-collar and contract roles. Earlier this year, Ford also confirmed its intentions to eliminate a further 3,800 positions in Europe, as per the Journal's report.

According to a Ford representative, these recent actions align with their continuous business management strategy, which includes adjusting their global workforce to align with future business projections and remaining financially competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Ford is aligning itself with competitors like General Motors and Stellantis, the producer of Jeep, both of whom also announced workforce cuts earlier this year.

In a strategic shift towards EV products, the U.S. auto giant has pledged a global investment of $50 billion by 2026 to support this new direction.

The company also intends to revamp its internal operations, segregating its gas-engine business from its EV and software-centered operations, as reported by the Journal.


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