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OpenAI Forms Partnership with Axel Springer for News Summarization in ChatGPT, Amid Legal Scrutiny

OpenAI has partnered with global news publisher Axel Springer, enabling ChatGPT to summarize articles from sources like Politico and Business Insider.

This announcement arrives amidst a growing trend of legal considerations by creators and technologists regarding the use of their work as training material for AI tools, such as chatbots and image generators.

Notably, authors like John Grisham and George R.R. Martin have filed lawsuits against OpenAI for alleged copyright violations.

Under this new agreement, ChatGPT will provide users with article summaries from various Axel Springer media, including subscriber-only content, with proper attribution and links for transparency.

This follows a similar arrangement made by OpenAI with the Associated Press in July for access to their news archive.

Additionally, Axel Springer will supply content from its publications to aid in the development of OpenAI's advanced language models, like GPT-4.

Research by the News Media Alliance highlights that AI training datasets disproportionately utilize publisher content over general web data, indicating a significant reliance on material from news publishers.


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