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Option3 Sets New Course in Cybersecurity with Zero Trust Platform and Strategic Acquisition of Onclave Networks

In a significant move towards strengthening national cybersecurity, Option3, a private equity firm with a focus on cybersecurity, announced its plans to introduce a Zero Trust cybersecurity platform following an agreement to acquire Onclave Networks.

The company anticipates this will be the first in a series of acquisitions, with the total investment expected to surpass $100 million in the coming year, aimed at integrating a comprehensive suite of Zero Trust capabilities onto a singular platform.

The initiative marks a response to President Biden’s 2021 Executive Order, emphasizing the necessity for the government to adopt Zero Trust in bolstering cybersecurity measures. Option3 is prioritizing the federal government sector in the initial phase of this platform rollout.

Onclave Networks, known for its innovation in Zero Trust technology, will be the first to join Option3’s unified platform, subject to final shareholder approval.

This follows a unanimous decision by Onclave’s Board in favor of the acquisition. Lisa Donnan, Operating Partner at Option3, highlighted Onclave's significant contributions to cybersecurity and its influential role in shaping the industry.

Option3’s broader strategy involves acquiring companies that offer complementary Zero Trust capabilities to create a robust and scalable platform. This strategy includes discussions with established companies that can enhance the platform's comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and professional consulting services, as stated by Option3’s Managing Partner, Manish Thakur.

The firm is confident that the integration of new capabilities, led by seasoned operators familiar with federal operations, will lead to the development of groundbreaking cybersecurity technologies, including a pioneering Military Grade Zero Trust™ solution.

With a clear target on the federal market, Option3 also plans to extend its reach to key private sector areas such as the defense industrial base and critical infrastructure.

The upcoming acquisitions aim to reinforce U.S. national defense systems against a broad spectrum of threats and extend Military-Grade Zero Trust™ protection to the private sector in a dual-use strategy.


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