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Powerback Rehabilitation Partners with Tapcheck to Offer Revolutionary On-Demand Wage Access to Employees

Powerback Rehabilitation has announced a partnership with Tapcheck, an award-winning earned-wage access platform. This strategic alliance aims to empower Powerback's workforce, granting its 12,000 employees instant access to their earned wages – a move that both companies believe will significantly enhance financial well-being and job satisfaction.

Powerback Rehabilitation, a dominant force in the U.S. rehabilitation therapy sector, operates across approximately 1,700 locations nationwide and boasts over 1,000 home health partnerships. The integration of Tapcheck’s services underscores Powerback's commitment to not only excellence in patient care but also to the financial health of its employees.

Tapcheck's platform is renowned for its role in enabling American workers to smoothly navigate financial hurdles, averting the pitfalls of overdraft fees and the necessity of high-interest loans.

"Powerback is excited to team up with Tapcheck and provide our employees with this added benefit,” said Carl Shrom in the company’s recent announcement, Powerback’s Chief Executive Officer. "We appreciate their commitment to exceptional patient care, and by offering flexibility in accessing their hard-earned wages, we take another step in supporting their financial well-being.”

The initiative arrives at a time when earned-wage access (EWA) benefits are increasingly recognized as essential tools for financial security and employee satisfaction across various industries.

A CNBC survey highlighting that a significant majority of Americans are stressed over finances and often live paycheck to paycheck underlines the urgency and relevance of such employee benefits.

Tapcheck’s on-demand wage access service promises to offer a much-needed financial lifeline for Powerback employees, enabling them to manage unexpected expenses and routine bills with greater ease.

Ron Gaver, CEO of Tapcheck, emphasized the importance of their service, particularly for healthcare professionals who might work irregular hours. “Employees should have on-demand access to their earned wages, especially those in the healthcare industry who may work non-traditional schedules. Powerback Rehab is recognized as an industry leader and employer of choice for their commitment to championing crucial employee wellness benefits like EWA.”

Both companies claim the positive impact of EWA benefits is substantial, and not only aids employees in managing their financial health but also positions Powerback Rehabilitation as an employer of choice.


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