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X, Formerly Twitter, to Collect Biometric and Employment Data

The social media giant, X, previously known as Twitter, announced in its latest privacy policy update on Thursday that it will begin gathering biometric and professional details of its users.

While the policy revisions have yet to be activated, they are scheduled to come into force on September 29.

The newly revised privacy stipulations reveal the potential collection and utilization of biometric data by the company, emphasizing its use "for safety, security, and identification purposes."

The exact intent behind X's collection of user biometric data remains ambiguous.

Typically, platforms employ biometrics like facial recognition and fingerprints to validate user identities during sign-ins or to authorize transactions, especially for financial entities.

In theory, X might obtain biometric details from user photos or videos, perhaps by prompting users to enable their camera functionality. The company hasn't yet clarified this mechanism's intricacies.

Furthermore, X mentioned the possible accumulation and application of user employment details to suggest job opportunities, hinting at X's ambition to rival platforms like LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft.

In their revamped privacy statement, X expressed, "We may gather and employ your personal data (e.g., employment background, educational history, job preferences, skill set, job-seeking activities, etc.) to suggest job matches, inform prospective employers upon job applications, assist employers in finding potential candidates, and display pertinent advertisements."

Under Musk's leadership, X has ventured beyond the realms of social media, communications, and audio content, exploring financial services and hiring sectors.

Last year, as Bloomberg News reported, X acquired Laskie, a job recruitment platform. This acquisition marked Musk's inaugural acquisition post his $44 billion Twitter takeover in 2022.

Musk, however, transitioned out of the CEO role at X this June, passing the baton to Linda Yaccarino, previously NBC Universal's Chair of Advertising and Partnerships.

Earlier in April, X partnered with Israeli stock trading platform eToro, enabling users to monitor and execute stock trades via eToro's platforms. eToro hinted at potential expansion plans for this collaboration.

Simultaneously, X has been acquiring money transmission licenses across multiple U.S. states, gearing up to introduce its proprietary payment functionalities. Musk, a PayPal co-founder — birthed from a merger between Confinity software firm and (an early online banking venture also initiated by Musk) — underscores his pioneering endeavors in the digital payment sphere.


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