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Stability AI Unveils AI Sketch-to-Image Tool, Stable Doodle

Stability AI, the tech company behind the Stable Diffusion image-generating AI model, has announced the introduction of Stable Doodle, a new service transforming sketches into images. This tool uses an updated version of the Stable Diffusion model to interpret sketches and produce artistically appealing renditions, and is now available via the ClipDrop platform, an acquisition from the company's March purchase of Init ML.

Stable Doodle is aimed at both professionals and novices, irrespective of their expertise with AI applications. The company asserts that anyone who can sketch and has internet access can use Stable Doodle to create high-quality images swiftly.

While there are many sketch-to-image AI tools available, including open source projects and apps supported by ads, Stability AI argues that Stable Doodle stands apart by offering more accurate control over image generation.

The Stable Diffusion XL model and a conditional control solution developed by Tencent's R&D unit, the Applied Research Center (ARC), called T2I-Adapter, serve as the power behind Stable Doodle. This solution allows the Stable Diffusion XL model to take sketches as input and provides guidance for superior tuning of the final artwork.

While the author did not have the chance to try Stable Doodle before its release, the images provided by Stability AI were impressive when compared to the initial doodles.

Along with the sketch, Stable Doodle takes a prompt to steer the image generation, with options like “A comfy chair, ‘isometric’ style” or “Cat with a jeans jacket, ‘digital art’ style.” However, there is a limit on customization – the launch version of Stable Doodle supports only 14 art styles.

Stability AI suggests Stable Doodle could be used by designers and illustrators to optimize their work efficiency and save time. However, they caution that the quality of the final images relies on the detail of the initial sketch, the descriptive nature of the prompt, and the complexity of the scene being depicted.

The company suggests that sketches can quickly be transformed into client designs, presentation materials, or even logos. Looking forward, Stability Doodle plans to enable users to import sketches and will add more use cases, including applications for the real estate sector.

The launch of Stable Doodle comes as Stability AI seeks to increase its revenue sources after a recent commercial slowdown. Although the tool is free, it comes with certain limitations. In April, it was reported that the company was experiencing a cash drain, which led to a search for executives to boost sales.

Recently, Stability AI raised $25 million via a convertible note, bringing its total funding to over $125 million. However, it has yet to secure funding at a higher valuation. The startup, valued at $1 billion, reportedly aims to increase its value fourfold in the upcoming months.


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